TYG PRO started business as extruded aluminium profile producers in 2001, excellent quality and customer focused functioning brings us to the point where we are today. As a result of the market demand, TYG PRO has worked with major manufactures of galvanized metal and pvc profiles. By means of this alliance, TYG PRO has become the manufacturer of three main components in interior decoration and the construction market.

Our company seeks to serve customers in a more fulfilling way by providing effortless accessibility to all three product groups at once. TYG PRO is committed to manufacturing top quality extruded aluminium, pvc and galvanized metal profiles.

We do not only manufacture aluminium, pvc and galvanized metal profiles. We also sustain facilities for anodizing, coating, drilling, stamping, CNC machining and quality control.

TYG PRO strives to present exceptional service to our customers, by focusing on constant improvement of production, delivery and quality, also widening our sophisticated product range without compromising our quality.